By Shofi Maratush Sholichah on March 15, 2018
pake avoskin setahun yang lalu, setelah mencoba lepas dari krim dokter pake avoskin bikin pori pori aku mengecil dan produknya wangi banget aku sukak. selain itu juga wajahku yang super oily jadi ga begitu berminyak???
By Dewanti Eka Larasati on July 13, 2017 Verified Purchase
Udah 2tahun lebih pakai produknya Avoskin.. cocok banget!!! Baru sekali ini pakai yang acne cream. Kebetulan juga aku lagi hamil, dan jerawat karna perubahan hormon pun tumbuh subur di wajah. Karna gak begitu rajin pakai cream malamnya, jadi gak cepat hilang. Begitu pakai acne cream 1x, langsung kelihatan hasilnya waktu di pagi hari.. Overall, I loooooooovvvvveeeee Avoskin
By GreƱa Granada on May 19, 2017
I have experienced Avoskin acne since 3 months ago. I thought it was too cheap with their claim on natural product, because I have sister that is still using natural product from Oz and I know that the price is too high. But as a customer, I am happy with the result. I repurchased acne cream 3x and last time was at the Century Pondok Indah Mall. I have another problem for my eye bag, Avoskin, do you have the product? If you do not have it, make it then! I will be the first buyer. xoxo
By tessa on May 18, 2017 Verified Purchase
sy suda make avoskin sejak 5 bln yg lalu bulan pertama make perubahannya lsg keliatan wajah sy jd bersih bebas dr jerawat, HTEny bkin seger d wjah, creamny gk lengket dn gak bkin wajah berminyak, recommended bgt bt kalian yg kulitny sering berminyak, d tggu produk baruny bt kantong mata yak ????????????
By Asti Ananta on May 12, 2017
couldn't believe that avoskin is a local brand. I thought it wast from europe or australia. Thank you for this brand for solving my acne problem. I suffered from acne since 3 years ago, and I have changed several times for treatment. Just a couple months ago I found this brand, that was reviewed by Lizzie Para. My acne one by one has gone, probably it's been 75% clear, just need more time to reveal my much much better skin. once again, congratulations to avoskin, you have good product in just right for my pocket. repurchase? sure!